Informatica focuses 100% on data in the belief that the world is driven by data. Today’s digital organizations have got to focus on data as a strategic asset and ensure its quality and efficient management. Informatica is the leading provider of solutions in PIM, master data, and data quality.

The company’s solutions are top ranked by analysts including Gartner, Forrester, and others. Informatica’s solutions enable companies to transform raw, unreliable data into valuable information – and thus become a strategic asset for obtaining the right insights and effective decisions and for supporting the modern-day buyer journey. More than 7,000 organizations around the world choose Informatica for data solutions that drive their businesses.

Fiwe is the leading Informatica partner in the Nordic region for solutions in PIM, DAM, and MDM.

Welcome to a New World Powered by Data

“Informatica’s proud history and rich tradition of delivering leading data management solutions continues and our approach has always been that ‘Data Powers Business.’