Contentserv, enable retailers and brands to develop the groundbreaking product experiences of the future by fully exploiting the potential offered by advanced technologies. Their vision is to make the daily lives of marketers and product teams easier by providing them with an advanced, complete, business-focused platform emphasizing time to value.  

Contentserv are driven by the desire to keep customers one step ahead of the competition. By combining Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Master Data Management (MDM) in the pioneering Product Experience Platform, they enable retailers and brand owners to offer the rich, relevant, and emotional product experiences that exceed their customers’ expectations. Contentserv is recognized by Forrester Research as a PIM technology leader.  

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Fiwe is a partner with Contentserv since 2020.

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Futurize Experiences

The future is driven by technology! Contentserv enables your brand to improve the communication with your customers – by futurizing experiences.

Tomorrow’s product experiences will be amazing. Let’s create them together!