Introducing the Contentserv PIM The Essentials: your starter for success

Access to the world’s leading enterprise-class Product Information Management tools, but in a package that suits smaller growing businesses or individual departments.

Begin with just the tools you need. Then grow them as you’re ready

Contentserv PIM: The Essentials brings together your product information, media, component data and consumer ready insights in a single centralized solution. It connects to your wider software environment, e-commerce engine, etc., and is designed in a no-nonsense fashion to get your products to market faster. And, along the way … you’ll build remote team engagement, improve efficiency, and maximize sales uplift!

Contentserv PIM The Essentials

The Contentserv PIM: The Essentials Toolkit is your gateway to effective management of Product Information across all areas of your business. It combines the latest standards in data enrichment and control, and is designed to scale alongside your business need.

Bring products to market faster

Introduce new products, bundles, kits and services with quick data onboarding and streamlined business processes using automated and collaborative workflows. Consolidatedisparate and duplicate processes and eliminate data silos for agile product launches.

Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver accurate, complete and consistent product information and associated digital assets to all digital and offline sales channels such as print catalogs, weekly flyers and more. Quickly syndicate product data to the places your customers visit such as marketplaces and e-commerce sites using connectors to Shopify, Amazon, Magento and others.

Convert shoppers into customers

Increase the conversion rate on product pages with the use of high-quality A+ content. Manage and distribute product details and below-the-fold content such as, rich media/enhanced content, in combination with digital assets, videos, and 360-spins, for a superior shopping experience across the digital shelf.

Increase sales while building loyalty

Improve the relevancy and value of up-sell or cross-sell opportunities on your product page when you reference “shop the look” or “you may also like” products across your product catalog. Reduce returns when presenting products with rich, accurate, complete and consistent above and below the page product content.

Localize your products in every market

Meet global business requirements for language and market with multilingual translation management. Localize product data for multiple languages, channels and brands to efficiently manage products for various markets while reducing unnecessary repeat translations and associated costs by focusing on relevant attributes only once.

Drive more traffic to your product pages

Boost SEO by maintaining and optimizing product data attributes to achieve high ranking for product detail pages and category landing pages. Easily configure metadata on object types, reference types, attributes, workflows and business rules. Use automated data feeds to site search, personalization engines, Google Shopping and other leading marketplaces.

Data Governance

Define and enforce rules and policies, and establish processes, procedures and accountability for a set of data to maintain its accuracy and consistency, all while preventing data silos.

Contentserv Data Governance
Contentserv Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship

Grant or restrict access to a specific set of data, and to whom can edit, download or delete them. Easily define and configure roles and privileges down to the record and attribute level for complete control. Tasks can be created, delegated, approved and completed according to a user’s roles and privileges.