Introducing CELUM DAM The Basis for Exceptional Content Experiences

The first step in building outstanding content experiences is to take stock of everything you have. Store and organize all your marketing and product assets in one place, give your files meaning with metadata and put content in front of your audience.

Fiwe Celum

Give files meaning with metadata

Add essential metadata to your content and transform mere files into meaningful digital assets. CELUMs taxonomy is fully customizable and supports multiple languages. Assign tags automatically with the help of AI and make meta information available in any connected system.

Fiwe Celum
Fiwe Celum

Different content, different data

Define relevant asset types and categorize your content based on a variety of formats and use cases. Each asset type comes with a consistent and predefined – yet fully flexible – subset of metadata fields to ensure the right information is with the right piece of content.

Don’t search, find

Create flexible node structures and asset collections that meet your organizations’ needs. Go through vast amounts of files and find anything in an instant. CELUM’s intuitive and powerful search widgets help you to narrow down results and retrieve content faster.

Fiwe Celum

Ingest massive amounts of files with one click

Whether you import files from another system or add them manually via drag & drop – we got you covered. Bulk upload files to CELUM DAM or fetch them automatically from any connected source with a powerful content ingest service.

Link and relate content

Keep track of your content, regardless if it’s social media or a commerce tool. Get usage data from connected systems and visualize where your assets are and how they are related to each other. Whenever something changes, you know exactly where else you need to update your content.

Control access and rights

Make sure the right people have access to the right data – CELUMs granular access rights management is among the most sophisticated, flexible and smart solutions in the industry. Define who should be allowed to see and access what – even down to specific metadata fields.