Interesting Insights and Trend Research – Read the Report Commerce 2020: SAP CX Insights

Our partner SAP has recently released a report on how consumers and other end customers changed their online behavior in 2020. In the report SAP CX Insights, you can take part in changes that SAP saw in its customers’ customers during the pandemic. We recommend that you read the report – with both exciting and interesting insights, including:

  • Go directly to the end customer – when regular channels with resellers and distributors don’t work, it becomes more mainstream to go directly to the end customer
  • Build for flexibility – considering how fast changes take place, it is required that you can easily handle fast changes and adapt accordingly
  • Ensure that logistics can handle disruptions – by being even closer to your suppliers, you can bridge the risks when deliveries become more sporadic. Maybe use stores as a pick-up warehouse if the central warehouse is out of stock.
  • Use cloud solutions to quickly scale up or down based on the need to avoid problematic peaks with increased sales

Download the report by filling in the form below or at SAP here.

Download the report: