Fiwe has along with Komplett Group delivered a standard platform from IBM Commerce to –
a multimillion investment for online sale of daily groceries in Norway. just recently opened their online shop for customers. Fiwe, as a deeply involved and dedicated solution provider along with Komplett Group, the Nordic countries largest e-commerce player, has during a short amount of time implemented the project that they believe will impact the buying behavior for food in Norway.

Buying behavior of consumers for food products – Fast, convenient, simple and the right time

“We start in Oslo with next-day delivery and five pick-up locations. As the capital of Norway we cover over one million potential people,” says Ole Petter Wie, CEO of Then we will proceed in the Östlandsarea with its other counties and then to the cities of Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger. In this region we are able to reach up to 3.5 million potential customers. We want to change the online grocery industry in Norway and we have strong owners and stakeholders who support us and our growth plans,” continues Wie.

Simplicity, convenience and time savings drives the online market. Good product information, product presentation, onsite search, navigation and inspiration around recipes is offered for the almost 3 000 products that are available for order at launch. Orders will be delivered to the door in the specially designed pickup vans alternatively take place with the delivery to the predetermined pickup locations that are strategically placed all over the region.


• IBM WebSphere Commerce
• Informatica MDM Product 360
• Rich Relevance for personalization and listing
• Bazaar Voice for product reviews
• Here for map services
• DigitalRiver for payments
• Integrationer to ERP systems have been made through the IBM Integration Bus and SAP PI.